140 Piper Blvd, Port Orange, FL

                                                                                             (386) 322-9030

​                                                     ++Getting your FAA flight physical is easy++

  •        1.  Book your appointment online using "APPOINTMENT" tab.

  •        2.  You must fill out your application before coming for your appointment  - use                            "APPLICATION" tab.  Print a copy or bring confirmation number.

  •         3.  Drive or fly in - see "DIRECTIONS" tab.

  •         4.  CASH OR CHECK ONLY (see services for price).
    ++Questions?  email:  flightdoc.us@gmail.com


              You can not schedule an appointment more than 30 days in advance               

We will not being doing BasicMed exams, only FAA exams

++++ Dr Mark Sherman, senior AME, has joined the practice++++

Dr Kurrle will be available mornings, Dr Sherman afternoons


                            Robert W Kurrle MD     Mark D Sherman MD

(Payment cash or check only)

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